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How to use the TV service provided by TobigoTv?

  • Here are simple steps to use the TV service provided by TobigoTv.
1.Get the service according to your device.

The TV service is provided in 3 most common formats:

M3U, MAG, Enigma There are many devices that you can run the TV service on. Smart TVs, Smartphones, Apple TV, Tablets, Android BOX, Receiver, PC & Home computer and…

There are many devices on which you can use the TV service

  • M3U Service Example: You can install VLC Player on your laptop and get M3U service. If you have smart TV with IPTV Smarters app, you can also get M3U service for your TV.
  • MAG service example: If Smart IPTV is installed on your smart TV, you need to order MAG service. You can also use IPTV on all mag devices. Enigma: We also provide enigma format for all devices
  • enigma. * There are many applications (android, ios, exe and…) which can manage the IPTV service. you should just now support your device and the format.
2. Configure the service with your device or app.

Setting up the IPTV service with your device or app is very simple and in a few easy steps. If you are new, there are many websites out there and a youtube video can teach you in 5 minutes. We also try to create a page for each device so that it is easy for you to set up the IPTV service with your device and use it. You can also contact us anytime, if we are online we will help you and if not,


Android / IOS

– Install the IPTV SMARTERS PRO application

– Add a new user

– Choose the 2nd line Login with Xtream Code API

– Enter the identifiers received

Smart TV

1- Install the SMART IPTV application on your Smart TV

2- Start the application: We start the application and we arrive on the interface of smart iptv, here what interests us for the moment is the mac address of the smart tv.

3- Synchronize your MAC address with the m3u link on smart iptv: To inject your iptv streams you will have to go to

4- Watch your channels. We restart the application so that the previous step is taken into account. And we arrive on the home page with the list of channels.



How to configure iptv on Mag device?

Start iptv Mag configuration – Go to Menu – Settings – System settings 2.
Servers – Portals – Set Portal 1 (on the link we sent you) – restart Portal3.
After downloading, restart the mag4.
Wait for the TV screen to display the list
Press button “1” and “OK” to confirm on the remote control if the channel lists are empty